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Lion Mahajak 9 Border Patrol Police School Boarding House

A Great Day Out

16th of September was a rather special day. It was a day out for PRIMUS Child Foundation and Child’s Dream Foundation representatives as they made a trip to the Lion Mahajak 9 Border Patrol Police School. This school is located deep within the mountainous region of Mae Tang, Chiangmai.

The trip wasn’t merely a visit, it was also to hand over a newly built boarding house sponsored by PRIMUS Child Foundation. This boarding house will serve as a midway home for young schoolchildren who live far away. These kids travel nearly 3 hours on a daily basis through treacherous roads under unpredictable weather conditions just to get to school in downtown Chiangmai.

The Thai Border Patrol Police were on location to welcome the team for the handover ceremony. Of course, no ceremony in Thailand is complete without dining on delectable Thai cuisine.

After the meal, the team spent some time talking to the local community about the hardships they face, especially the children who have to commute long distances (8KM one way) over mountainous roads and rivers just to get to school. Without a midway house like this, a lot of these children would be denied their basic right to education due to the logistical difficulty of getting to school.

The team then spent some lovely time with the children and toured the school where their new home is located. It was really nice to get that warm and fuzzy feeling from the little kids who were delighted with their new home. The day ended with an exchange of pleasantries and a warm send-off by the children, accompanied by the Thai Border Patrol Police.

PRIMUS Child Foundation is proud of this milestone and commends the good work carried out by Child’s Dream Foundation. Our continuous partnership with Child’s Dream Foundation will bring many more meaningful projects to the Mekong sub-region. Expect more updates soon.

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