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PRIMUS Child Foundation

Saving the environment, one child at a time

Indonesia has in recent years, suffered a great many natural disasters that caused substantial material and human losses: floods, landslides, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and even forest fires. One of the reasons for natural disasters is due to environmental degradation that is mostly caused by human habits.

Wishing to highlight this important issue, our Creativity Day this year took on the theme of “Let’s preserve our environment”. This is to create awareness for the children in Cipanas on how important it is to preserve our Globe. 

This environment edition of Creativity Day was divided into 3 phases – preparation, competition and the main event. The preparation phase was held from 3rd to 7th February. This phase focused on explaining to the children what and why natural disasters happen through storytelling, movies and book discussions. The competition phase followed next to evaluate the children’s comprehension of the material that was taught in the preparation phase. 11 types of competitions were organized for preschool students from Elementary up to Junior High students. Library visitors were not left out too and the competitions took place from 11 to 13th February. 


The Main Event

It was a beautiful February morning, and the eager children welcomed the main event by dressing up in their favorite costumes. Some kids took part instead in the Angklung performances.  The YUM staff got busy by decorating and setting up the sound system. By 2 PM on February 20th, 2014, everyone was ready for Creativity Day!

The 250 visitors which include children, parents and staff started the event by singing the National Anthem “Indonesia Raya”. Ibu Vera – the YUM pre-school teacher took to the stage next by giving a short speech in her capacity as this month’s Creativity Day Committee Chairman.

I feel that this Creativity Day has attained two goals: a good knowledge on how to preserve our Earth and to increase our children’s creativity and confidence. This Creativity Day has shown us that many of our children had dormant talents and thanks to these activities, their abilities have flourished. Now it is our task, as teachers, to develop their individual abilities as much as we are able, for the benefit of their future. We thank Primus Child Foundation for supporting this event positively and hope that we are able to implement other Creativity Days with the same success in the future,” ibu Vera said proudly.

The main event was enlivened by Angklung performances and dances by the little children. Some winners of the Poetry, Singing and Speech Competitions also did not let this opportunity slip to showcase their new found confidence to perform a few numbers for the enjoyment of all visitors. Finally, it was prize giving time. The children were delighted with their winnings – they won colorful and interesting stationeries, books and lunch boxes. As the February 2014 Creativity Day dwindled to a close, all staff, volunteers and the children danced the evening away. It was truly an eventful moment and the happy look on the children’s faces gave us a deep resounding satisfaction.

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