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PRIMUS Child Foundation

Rewriting the Future


PRIMUS Child Foundation’s ‘Happy & Healthy Kids’ program for ‘at-risk’ children moved into high gear in Malaysia’s Klang valley in the second quarter of 2012, with a variety of event days designed to impart positive and progressive values and attitudes for acquiring new healthy living skills.

During the month of July, the program ran events that generate bonding skills. The objective was to make sure that the children found reasons to be happy through fun activities that gave them confidence, heightened their self-esteem, brought out their creativity, and gave them a sense of accomplishment.

Here’s what they did:

Hiking Hunt: The children were taken to a hillside hiking trail, led in groups by Volunteer Program (VP) facilitators. They were asked to find as many different types or shapes of leaves as possible on the way to the top, and on the way back down again. The climb wasn’t easy but the kids helped each other by holding hands and warning each other if they felt the ground was steep or slippery. The kids had a really good time and were able to gather over 400 different types and shapes of leaves.

Rainforest Mini-Waterfall Day: The children visited the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) rainforest habitat and played ‘captain ball’ with their facilitators - a game of scoring as many goals as possible, that generates cooperation and build team spirit. Later, the kids were taken on a short hike to a mini waterfall. Children love water!

Gymnastics & Dancing Lessons: The children were taught basic gymnastics at a dance studio by two VP facilitators - a professional gymnast and a dancer. They practiced dance and learned to perform, then were broken into two groups and asked to choreograph themselves, with facilitator guidance. The kids came up with some excellent moves and performed them, demonstrating the talent they have within them.

Outdoor Games & Fun: The kids were taken to a covered court for a full day of games and fun. Facilitators organised six different games that build teamwork values and unity of thought and leadership, creating a close bond between them and the kids.

Go-Karting Excitement: The kids were very excited to be taken to a Go-Kart Circuit, as many of them had never been on a go-kart. After a safety briefing, each was taken round the circuit by a staff member, with the kids steering while the staffers controlled the speed.

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