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PRIMUS Child Foundation

Making Kids Healthy & Happy


PRIMUS Child Foundation engages with groups of children between the ages of 7 and 12 years old from multiple communities of need, over a 3-month period. Activities include time spent in the outdoors and through their guided experiences, the children are made to appreciate how easy it is to live a healthy and happy life.

During the month of June, the kids learned swimming, cooking, bowling, organic farming, and rock climbing. Here’s what happened:

Swimming Lessons & Pool Games: The children were given swimming lessons by professional trainers. They were taught to control breathing underwater, and proper motions for swimming. Those who could swim already, were taught more advanced techniques. The trainers also conducted swimming-related pool games, and the kids had extra time to play by themselves in the pool. While they were exhausted in the end, the kids had a great time!

Cooking House Class: The children were taken for a cooking lesson in a fun, learning environment. They were taught how to prepare simple ‘pizzas’ and ‘oreo cupcakes’ themselves, assisted by FX Primus staff and VP facilitators. The resulting meals were shared with everyone present. It was a fantastic experience for them, and they went back home with food they had prepared, to share with other children.

Bonding with Bowling: The kids were brought to a bowling centre, where they were taught to bowl by FX Primus staff together with volunteer program (VP) facilitators. Some of the kids became really good at it, and they helped their friends by encouraging, giving ideas and showing the other children how to bowl. The children helped each other the way brothers and sisters do.

Organic Farming Discovery: The children were taken to an organic farm, where they were taught about the different types of plants that can be used, and they played with cats, rabbits, cows and chickens on the farm, giving them a chance to understand natural surroundings and rural life . The farmer and his wife prepared a simple meal, and the kids were given organic vegetables to take home with them. The kids were very happy and sang a thank you song for the farmer before leaving.

Rock Climbing Extravaganza: The kids and their VP facilitators went indoor rock climbing. After a safety briefing, the kids and their VP facilitators were split into teams for rock climbing and bouldering. It was very obvious that most of the kids enjoyed rock climbing, as they climbed the wall twice. It was an experience that the children and VP facilitators won’t soon forget.

A total of 200 children from 20 unique communities of need will pass through the Happy & Healthy Kids program in Malaysia by the end of this year, and more innovative programs will be deployed by the PRIMUS Child Foundation in more locations going forward, for positive and lasting social impact.

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