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PRIMUS Child Foundation

A Unique Approach

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Since last year, PRIMUS Child Foundation has been getting involved in after-school programs for ‘at-risk’ children, holiday camps, a breakfast feeding program, an awareness walk campaign, mobile interactive learning, and other programs to give kids a semblance of family life. We are also involved in a training program for the administrators of orphanages to give them skills that will help them handle children under their care, more appropriately.

Our first program kicked-off in Malaysia in late 2011, lasting twelve weeks and bringing together 56 kids from three orphanage communities in Puchong, a sprawling outer development in the Klang Valley near Kuala Lumpur, the country’s capital city.

The Health and Happy Kids program focused on increasing awareness and knowledge of healthy living techniques, to impart positive values and create progressive attitudes towards the acquisition of new skills for healthy living, and to generate bonding skills.

Because every child has the right to happiness and good health, The Happy & Healthy Kids initiative takes a unique approach - engaging with groups of children between the ages of 7 to 12 years of age from multiple communities of need, over an extended period of 3 months. The objective is to ensure that these children find reasons to be happy through innovative activities that infuse positive qualities such as confidence, self-esteem, creativity and accomplishment.

These activities are augmented by time spent in the outdoors to encourage healthy living and through their guided experiences, the children are made to appreciate how easy it is to live a healthy life.

Our second program in Malaysia involved 40 children from 3 welfare homes in a variety of living skills activities to the end of March 2012, and brought in 15 FXPRIMUS staff volunteers, culminating in a rock climbing contest.

With teams supporting and motivating their members to reach the peak, cooperation and teamwork between staff and children was particularly effective in generating inter-generational trust and building community. And, of course, prizes were given to the winning teams!

A total of 200 children from 20 unique communities of need will pass through the Happy & Healthy Kids prpgram in Malaysia by the end of 2012, and more innovative programs will be deployed by the PRIMUS Child Foundation in more locations going forward, for positive and lasting social impact.

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