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PRIMUS Child Foundation

Every Child Deserves to Dream

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Companies that operate in the financial world are often associated with a narrow focus on commercial aims; rather than on social values.

But it is important to strike a balance between financial ambition and social goals, in order to give meaning to money.

That’s why FXPRIMUS runs childrens’ developmental and intervention programs, and collaborates with and funds a variety of committed organisations who share the same ideas and goals.

We do this under the PRIMUS Child Foundation - a charity foundation created to increase awareness and knowledge of child development, and to transform the lives of disadvantaged children worldwide through sustainable programs to bring them better education opportunities and fulfilling their basic healthcare needs.

The Foundation focuses on helping children around the world in developing countries, who are poor.

A non-profit, non-governmental corporate foundation, the PRIMUS Child Foundation maintains close ties with the PRIMUS Group, but is a separate entity that operates as an independent body in planning and executing projects on child development.

While not a welfare foundation that provides money, endowment funds, or personal aid, the foundation’s core efforts are focused on providing grant support for education and healthcare programs that contribute in helping impoverished children achieve their aspirations and potential.

The Foundation will selectively provide startup funds for new and innovative projects for disadvantaged childrens’ education and healthcarers in Southeast Asia. Projects that demonstrate success and offer the potential for national or international replication, will be considered for grants on a year-to-year basis to determine the value and impact of on-going foundation support.

Started last year, PRIMUS Child Foundation is getting involved in after-school programs for ‘at-risk’ children, holiday camps, a breakfast feeding program, an awareness walk campaign, mobile interactive learning, and other programs to give kids a semblance of family life. We are also involved in a training program for the administrators of orphanages to give them skills that will help them handle children under their care, more appropriately.

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