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PRIMUS Child Foundation

Team FXPRIMUS Launch

It was a glorious Friday morning. 25 powerful cars lined up the blocks of Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit. Amidst the rows of powerful machines, 1 car stood out. Its mighty frame painted in black, yellow and silver glistened under the bright Arabic sun. The legendary Lotus logo etched proud on its nose. This car is Team 1Malaysia FXPRIMUS Aleyzo.

The story began a couple of months back. Zen Low, team owner of Aylezo Motorsports was gearing up for the Gulf 12 Hours race and was on the lookout for strategic partners.

Call it fate or coincidence but FXPRIMUS was on the verge of bringing its financial services into Malaysia and before committing to a new market, they must first contribute something to the local community. And so Mr. Terry Thompson, President of PRIMUS Group, kept a watchful eye and Zen’s tireless dedication caught his attention. A meeting soon took place and the rest as they say, is written in the stars. However there was 1 condition – that this partnership would involve the participation of under privilege children.

This was of course unanimously agreed.

To coincide with the launch of the car, a day of fun filled activities was planned for the kids of the PRIMUS Child Foundation in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. A sumptuous high-tea was organized and 40 wonderful children from welfare homes were taken for rides in race cars by members of the Blue Jacket Club. The kids were in awe as they sat in the powerful race cars. Many pledged their ambitions there and then. In their very own words, – “I wanna grow up to be like Michael Schumacher”.

The future definitely holds bright for Malaysian motorsports.

While munching on the delicious food, they little ones were encouraged to use their imaginations to draw their very own version of the FXPRIMUS Aleyzo car. The drawing and colouring activity was full of chatter and laughter as the kids pored over each other’s drawings, trying to outdo each other and having lots of fun along the way.

At the end of the day, the children signed a professional drawing of the car and presented it to Dato' Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz who was there to officially launch Team 1Malaysia FXPRIMUS Aleyzo. The minister was no doubt very pleased and gave word that the autographed drawing will be decorating the walls of his home.

Fast forward to the present.

The action is just heating up. As the 25 cars battled it out in Yas Marina Circuit, the bright sky soon gave way to nightfall. The stress of endurance racing soon dawned upon the Team's Lotus car. Apart from the tyres and brakes, some mechanical parts failed and required replacing effectively forcing the car to make extended pit stops.

Realizing the dire situation they were in, Jazeman Jaafar raised his game to put in a performance that defied his age. Displaying immense amount of maturity, he soon clawed his way back to regain the time lost and was soon lapping five seconds quicker than the fastest car in his class.

The race went on and a few hours later, after magnificent performances from the entire team, FXPRIMUS defied all odds to clinch the chequered flag at 2nd position.

It was a proud day indeed for FXPRIMUS and Malaysian motorsports. No one could possibly be happier than the adorable little boys and girls from PRIMUS Child Foundation.

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