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PRIMUS Child Foundation

Saving the environment, one child at a time

Indonesia has in recent years, suffered a great many natural disasters that caused substantial material and human losses: floods, landslides, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and even forest fires. One of the reasons for natural disasters is due to environmental degradation that is mostly caused by human habits.


A New Year with more YUM

PRIMUS Child Foundation is proud to announce our continued collaboration with Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) Indonesia, channeling our support and contributions towards their ongoing and future projects at the Cipanas YUM Village, and all-encompassing Community Development Center. The new Memorandum of Understanding between Yayasan Usaha Mulia and PRIMUS Child Foundation has already been signed for the upcoming year of 2014.

We hope we will be able to touch the lives and hearts of more children in Indonesia with YUM through the Cipanas YUM Village this coming year.


Going Back To Tradition For The Kids

23rd July was Children’s Day and we had wanted to celebrate this very special day with something big. However because it was Ramadan, the celebrations were moved earlier to the 4th of July to coincide with Creativity Day.


Getting Out and About for Some Healthy Fun


Active children are more likely to continue as active adults. Sports and physical activity reduces the risk of obesity, increases cardiovascular fitness, improves coordination and balance and helps build social skills. Best of all, getting out and about is fun for the kids.


A Visit from Some Very Dear Friends

yum visit 01

The YUM Community Library in Cipanaswas abuzz with excitement on Friday, April 26th. Some very good friends of the library were coming to visit specifically Mario Sant Singh and a few other PRIMUS Child Foundation employees.


More Activities