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What’s been happening at the YUM Community Library



The first ever library in Cipanas was established by Yayasan Usaha Mulia to provide books and quality education to the children of the community. The majority of Cipanas’s population are farmers and seasonal workers who cannot afford the luxury of books and educational resources.

Considering that reading has never been part of Indonesian culture, finding a library in a big city is tough enough let alone in a small village like Cipanas. As the world becomes increasingly global, the fear of being left behind is real in rural places where education is more luxury than need. That was the basis of the founding of the YUM community library.


A Day of Creative Fun


Mention the word ‘play’ and images of a happy child running about comes to mind. Playing is not only an essential phase of a child’s life, but it also helps shape the mental and physical condition of a growing child.

With that being said, playing does not only make the child happy but also helps to cultivate social behaviour and encourages the little one to express himself publicly.


A school for play and fun

The 2nd of October may seem like any other passing day, but for the idyllic town of Cipanas, it was a day to remember.   The excitement was felt weeks before as staff and volunteers fussed about making sure everything was ready for the grand opening of its new pre-school. The checklist was enormous – decorations, goody bags, prizes and games. It was hard work but because it was for the kids, the curved smile on the lips of each helping hand was unmistakable.


A partnership for a new dawn

Indonesia: 1 September 2012 - PRIMUS Child Foundation took a big step forward in Indonesia by signing an MOU with Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) for a Community Library Project.

The year long MOU is part of PRIMUS Child Foundation’s pledge to furnish YUM’s existing kids library with new and fresh material. PRIMUS Child Foundation will also set up a pre-school and toy library for the benefit of young learners in Cipanas.


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