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Patriotism is in the air. The latest edition of Creativity Day took on a very special theme close to the hearts of the Indonesian people. The aptly titled “I Love Indonesia” Creativity Day is in commemoration with “Hari Kesaktian Pancasila” or “Sanctity Day of Pansacila”, one of Indonesia’s most important national celebration.

Creativity Day previously explored the themes of environment, health and tradition, so this time around; it was the perfect opportunity to teach the little ones the importance of identity, nationalism and patriotism. The “I Love Indonesia” Creativity Day was divided into 2 sessions – competition day and the main event. The competitions were held for 2 days on the 26th of September and on the 3rd of October. For this edition of Creativity Day, invitations were extended to all school in Cipanas, especially schools that are part of the Box of Books program to take part in the competitions.

For students who were not interested in competing, they were invited instead to participate in the main event on 12th October. Various activities were held from cultural dances to solo singer performances.

1. Poetry Reading Competition Participants were asked to read and recite the National Poem “Karawang Bekasi” 12 participants from grade 4 to 6 and Junior High School
2. Quiz Competition A quiz on Indonesia’s history and heritage 9 groups or 27 participants from grade 4 to 6
3. Writing a Letter for the President The participants had to pen down their hopes for a better Indonesia through a letter to the President of Indonesia 10 participants from grade 4 to 6 and Junior High School
4. Coloring Competition Pictures of Indonesia’s heroes and nature brought to life through colouring. 36 participants from preschool students and 40 participants from grade 1 to 3
5. Drawing Competition This drawing contest allowed the participant to express their love for Indonesia through art. 41 participants from grade 4 to 6
6. Move the Flag Competition The participants had to move the flag from the start line to finish line 36 participants from preschool students and 26 participants from grade 1 to 3
7. Singing Competition A contest on finding the most sultry vocals on 2 national day songs: “Hari Pahlawan” and “Bagimu Negeri” 17 participants from grade 4 to 6 and Junior High School
8. Marching Competition Groups of 8 people formed marching formations to fly the Indonesian flag. The most creative and disciplined formation won. 16 participants from grade 4 to 6


The Main Event

The main event took place on Sunday, 12th October 2014. There was an air of excitement in the morning as teachers prepared to welcome over 200 students for the big day. The event officially began at 9:30 with students from pre-school and elementary school performing traditional Indonesian dances. The dance was beautifully choreographed to showcase the proud heritage of Indonesia. From the deafening cheers of the audience, the performing children could tell that their performance was deeply enjoyed. The event continued next with Suci Ameliawati, the winner of the Poetry Reading Competition taking to the stage. She recited her entry winning poem with such evocation and emotion that it earned her a standing applause from the audience.

The moment everyone was waiting for came up next – the main performance. The children of Cipanas staged a play to reenact an important moment in Indonesian history when Indonesian nationalists took on their Dutch masters in the colonial era. The drama, originally planned to be a serious remake of past events ended up with plenty of light moments when the adorable children faced off their enemies with bamboo sticks. That scene invoked laughter from the appreciative audience. Upon winning the war, the play took an emotional turn as the kids sang the national anthem and took turns to wave the Indonesian flag, signifying independence and the birth of a unified nation.

The final event of the day was the prize ceremony. 11 sets of prizes consisting of stationaries, certificates and trophies were given out as tokens of appreciation to the little kids who took part in the competitions. This edition of Creativity Day came to a close with the patriotic singing of the national anthem.

It was a very memorable day and the children went home with a renewed sense of patriotism and identity. This event would not have been possible without the incredible support of Primus Child Foundation. We look forward to even more interesting Creativity Days ahead!

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