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YUM Integrated Community Library – A Memorable Two Years

Two years ago, Primus Child Foundation, the social arm of FXPRIMUS helped to set up the Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) Community Library at Cipanas, West Java. Since then it has been providing fun-filled interactive learning experience for underprivileged children from the Cipanas area. In the past year, a lot has been carried out to further spurgrowth of this initiative including the setting up of YUM Library System by one volunteer, Kenichi Mochida. The system has provided an efficient library membership and book lending management tool.

There were a few other initiatives introduced during this time including a Computer Club for the children to learn basic computing; Nutrition and Health Education where priority was placed on the importance of personal hygiene amongst the children in the community; YUM Toy Community Library where more toys were added; Book Drive now includes 7 schools participating in the book loan rotation and a number of inter-school activities; YUM English Club with its focus on learning English; Creativity Day took on the theme of “Let’s preserve our environment” which went on for the month of February with a host of activities; Tutoring Activities has been added on weekdays and Sundays with greater focus on school curriculum.

Recently, YUM Pre-school was chosen as a model school for Development of Preschool Management based on Information Technology in the sub district of Sukaresmi.

It has been a great year for the PCF-YUM partnership. Here is the detailed project report as presented by YUM.

Entering its second year, the Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) Community Library at Cipanas, West Java has been running very well thanks to Primus Child Foundation.

Various daily library activities have been set: nutrition and health education are improved by conducting Medical Check Up (MCU) and other programs were added to increase children’s health condition; the number of Toy Community Library visitors has increased; the number of schools joining Box of Books Program has reached 7 schools; more children are eager to learn English thanks to the English Club; teaching methods of the Preschool teachers have increased; the Creativity Day has shown that many of the children have dormant talents and their abilities have flourished; and last but not least, the students’ scores in school increased thanks to the new activity in the library: Tutoring Activity. What an amazing progresses happened in the last six months in order to improve children’s quality of life, especially in Education.

Here is the detailed report of the YUM Community Library project.

A memorable 2 years


The YUM Integrated Community Library was established to give the wonderful Cipanas community access to quality education by supplying them with the necessary tools and facilities. Being the only library in this quaint village in West Java, YUM plays an integral role to the community by providing books, movies, toys, computers, internet and daily activities to the people of Cipanas who mostly come from disadvantaged economic backgrounds.

We would like to thank Primus Child Foundation, who decided after an amazing first year to continue to brighten up children’s education for a second year. The first year brought about many success stories – increased reading interest, improved creative activities and added confidence in children who were exposed to activities organized by the YUM Integrated Community Library.

As we enter into our second year, tutoring activities will be added to the lineup in a bid to deepen lessons in fun based learning. Education is top priority and it is our mission to help the disadvantaged children of Cipanas to improve their quality of life.

Project Updates

The first year itself saw the YUM Integrated Community Library grow into a bustling center of activities. On a daily basis, the library welcomed around 40-60 children, students and other community members.

At the end of the first year, YUM was lucky to receive a volunteer from Hitachi Japan. Kenichi Mochida, who stayed from October to November 2013, helped implement a library system which we call the Yum Library System (YLS). The YLS can be accessed directly from our head office in Jakarta which assists us in tracking books, library members and lending requests.

With this new software, we reorganized the library by sorting the old ones that are still read worthy and donated the ones which are not. We then recorded all books, re-catalogued them and backed up all data to minimize data loss. Thanks to Mochi and his YLS, we are now able to run the library efficiently.

We also welcomed a new librarian onboard – Agnes. With her help, we were able to organize a host of new activities. Here’s the schedule:

Computer Club is a new activity in an effort to teach the children basic computer skills, such as typing in Microsoft Word, educational games or Microsoft Paint. Kids who have never used a computer before are given 30 minutes each to use the computer.
Progress of other activities can be seen below:

A) Reading and Writing. In January, we bought 576 books over a broad range of categories such as children’s, inspirational, motivational, arts
and crafts, computing, graphic design, cooking and others to broaden our visitor base to include youths and parents.The librarian will start the day by getting the children to read 1 simple children’s book or 10 pages from a novel before starting on with the games and activities. So each time a child comes to the library, they will say, “Miss, I will read first and later I will play, ok?” without being asked. The adorable little kids are making amazing progress indeed.


B) Storytelling. This activity is a much loved one and the purpose of it is to increase interest in reading and at the same time, improve confidence. At least 15 to 20 kids join us on a regular basis especially if the chosen book is a colourful and interesting one.

C) Drawing and Colouring. Initially, the adorable kids were only familiar with crayons and pencils. Our classes introduced water colour to them and it has now become their preferred tool due to the fact that they can mix and create their own colours. This activity attracts an average attendance of 20 children.

D) Movie Watching. Our selection of movies are always educational in nature and we have as much as 74 CDs and DVDs encompassing many topics like technology and science adventure amongst others. This activity is of course a firm favourite because it is very entertaining.

E) Dancing and Playing Musical Instrument. This activity came to life when we made some costumes in February for the dancing groups which had to perform during Creativity Day. From there, we expanded the activity to feature even more costumes and dances to educate the children on our culture and heritage in dance and music.

F) Arts and Crafts. On Tuesdays, the children’s creativity is explored through arts and crafts activities. The girls love this one because they get to create colourful accessories like necklaces, bracelets and handphone decorations using beads. In this class, we also teach them how to reuse old discarded items to make new products such as an aquarium made from milk cartons. By doing this, they learn to be more creative and earth friendly at the same time.

Testimonial from Mauli, Tauhidul Afkar student grade X:
“I like to come to the library because there are so many books that I like, such as novels, science or motivational books. Sometimes I get confused about which ones I should borrow first, because I want to read them all! Please let me know if you have any new good books!!”

Nutrition and Health Education
In November 2013, YUM collaborated with Sesame Street Indonesia within the framework of World Hand Washing Day to educate children in Cipanas on the importance of proper hand washing. This was done through demo sessions, play, dance and TV. About 43 preschool students joined the activities on Friday while around 45 library visitors took part in the Sunday session. Through these activities, the children gained a deep understanding on the importance of proper hand washing.

Besides regular activities, we also organized a Medical Check Up (MCU) on April 7th 2014 for around 100 children. Most of them had hygiene issues such as dirty ears, cerumen, body odour and dental cavities. The doctors recommended them to clean their ears regularly and to also visit the dentist. Based on the recommendations, we organized a cleaning workshop and helped the little ones clean their ears, brush their teeth and wash their hands. We also made sure they cut their fingernails – which is very important because they eat with their hands. As an incentive to maintain their personal hygiene, the 10 cleanest kids were rewarded with a hygiene kit consisting of soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

Wednesdays and Fridays are milk days and we give each child a glass of milk after the day’s activities. About 35 kids get their milk dosage while another 10 are given a basket of vegetables too – all in the name of nutrition.

YUM Toy Community Library

The YUM Toy Community Library was established to give the children of Cipanas the right to have a playful childhood and also to provide them with a centre for fun learning activities. In January 2014, we added many new toys to the library – monopoly, abacus, music instruments, doctor’s equipment, puzzle monster, alphabet pocket, mini plastic balls and a host of other toys for the little ones. Open Monday to Friday, an average of 500 children visit the Toy Library on a monthly basis. We also loan these toys to pre-school teachers as teaching tools to increase the effectiveness of their lessons.

Book Drive

In an effort to expand our reach beyond just the physical library, we conceived the book drive program where books are packed in boxes and are loaned to schools around Cipanas on a rotation basis. When we first started this, we only had 4 schools but as of today, 7 schools are on our rotation list. They are: SDN Mitra Bhakti, SDN Tarigu, SDN Ciwalen, TKQ Ar Roji, MI Miftahul Ulum, MI Raudhatul Mubtadi’in and MI Al Manar who get about 100 books for a 6 week period each.

Besides loaning books, we also organize activities such as storytelling and singing with students, teachers and parents from each school. Daniel Egholm Hansen – a volunteer from Denmark teaches Basic English Class to students from these schools.

“I love to read children books because these books are interesting and have a good storyline. The other books in the box are also great and they make me excited to read because my hobby is reading. Thank you YUM for encouraging us to read!” - Nandan Risda, grade V at MI Miftahul Ulum

YUM English Club

The YUM English Club was created as a platform for dedicated English teaching to the children of Cipanas. The club primarily screens English movies as a way to promote the learning of English as the audio/visual format makes it easy for young kids to pick up this very important language.

YUM Pre-school

The YUM Pre-school which accommodates 42 students between the ages of 2 and 6 enters its second year with a host of improvements. In March 2014, Mr. Murphy – a kindergarten teacher from Jakarta International School came for 2 days to train YUM pre-school teachers in handling special needs children and to give his input on improving teaching methods. He proposed a few outdoor activities to complement classroom learning. From this learning experience, we created our new schedule to include Mr. Murphy’s valuable suggestions.

YUM pre-school was chosen as a role model for Development of Preschool Management based on Information Technology in the sub district of Sukaresmi. The criteria for selection was based on our complete facilities which consists of the library, toys library, internet equipped computer lab and other outstanding facilities which other pre-schools in the district lack.

Creativity Day

The first Creativity Day of the second year took on the theme of “Let’s preserve our environment”. This was to create awareness amongst the children of Cipanas on the importance of preserving our planet as in recent years; many natural disasters have struck Indonesia and some of them could be avoided if we took better care of our planet.

The Creativity Day was divided into 3 phases; Preparation phase from 3rd to 7th of February – this segment is all about explaining natural disasters and it is done through storytelling, movies and book discussions; The second phase focused on environmental competitions which took part from 11th to 13th of February; while the final phase was the Main Event which happened on 20th of February, 2014.

About 250 children participated in the Main Event where there were dance performances, winners’ performances and the awards ceremony. Creativity Day has always been fulfilling because it’s so fun for the kids and we always end up discovering hidden talents that they themselves never knew they had.

Tutoring Activities

When we first started out, our tutoring classes took place on weekdays and on Sundays as well but from January 2014, Sunday classes were moved to Friday. This gives the children the weekends off so they can play or just do silly kids stuff. Here’s the most current tutoring schedule:

Summary and Work Plan

With the support of Primus Child Foundation, the second year of the YUM Integrated Community Library has seen many improvements and upgrades in its programs. For the nutrition and health education program, we’ve implemented Medical Check Ups to create a practical element to the lessons. For the Book Drive, we’ve increased our donor list from 4 schools to 7 schools. The introduction of the English Club has seen a sharp increase in English interest while Creativity Day has unearthed many undiscovered talents in the children. We’ve also conducted workshops for our teachers to evolve their lessons taught in class and the newly introduced tutoring activity has contributed to the better scores seen in schools around Cipanas.

None of these could have happened without the support of Primus Child Foundation. As we approach the end of the second year, and as we prepare for the third year of the YUM library, we wish to express our greatest appreciation to Primus Child Foundation for changing the education landscape in Cipanas. With their continued support, we look forward to accomplish even more education successes for a third year running. We can’t wait.

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