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Going Back To Tradition For The Kids

23rd July was Children’s Day and we had wanted to celebrate this very special day with something big. However because it was Ramadan, the celebrations were moved earlier to the 4th of July to coincide with Creativity Day.

This edition of Creativity/Children’s Day was also a social event of sorts. Kids from different villages who knew each other from similar events gathered together to catch up and reconnect their friendships. Paying homage to the theme of “Back To Tradition”, every game and performance picked for the event was carefully curated from existing local traditions. Approximately 300 children took part in the 13 traditional games and performances while 200 parents and community members came to watch this very special event.

Sunday, June 30th, 2013


“Back To Tradition” kicked off on Sunday with a host of colourful games. The day started with ‘hit-the-bag-blindfolded’. 34 elementary school children took part in this game where the objective was to break a bag filled with water that was suspended on air with a stick. The catch was, it had to be done blindfolded. The game was not only fun but it also helped the kids to develop their sense of direction and enhance their motor functions.

Next up was the ‘coin game’. Coins were attached to a papaya covered by charcoal powder and the little kids had to use their mouths to dig out the coins. It was a fun wholesome game which brought about thunderous laughter from everyone.

‘Sack race’ came up next. The game was pretty simple – the kids were made to wear a sack that reached up to their waist, immobilizing the use of their legs. The only way to move forward was to hop and the first person to reach the finishing line wins. 32 elementary school kids hopped their hearts out to fun and roars of laughter.

The last event for the day was ‘Bakiak Race’. Bakiak is a wooden sandal traditionally worn in Indonesia. The twist to this game was that the ‘bakiak’ was made longer so 2 or 3 people will be wearing the same sandal for the race. This fosters team work and coordination amongst the kids. 52 children took part to beat each other in the spirit of friendly competition.

Monday, July 1st, 2013


Monday started off with a bang with the ‘cracker eating game’. It was a very interesting game where the kids had to stand in line facing crackers hung from a string. The first participant to finish eating the cracker without using his or her hands, wins. 44 participants took part in this game.

Balancing games took centre stage next with the ‘marble and spoon race’ and ‘pencil in a bottle game’. The marble and spoon race is pretty self explanatory. Participants were made to race while holding a spoon loaded with marbles. Pencil in a bottle is a little more interesting. A pencil was tied around the waist of the kids and left hanging from the back. On the word ‘go’, they stooped down to insert the pencil into a bottle placed on the floor. First person to fully get the pencil in, wins.

‘Tug of war’ was the final game of the day with 28 children participating. It is a sport that directly pits two teams against each other in a test of strength, teamwork, coordination and strategy.

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013


The 3rd day of events began with the ‘water ball race’. 32 preschool children took part in this game where a glass of water was passed along in the team until it reached the final person who then poured the glass into a bucket. The objective of this game was to get enough water in the bucket till a ball floats out from it. First team to do this wins!

The game that followed after was ‘kite duel’. 21 elementary boys took their kites to the sky and dueled with each other. Last kite standing wins. It was a majestic sight indeed when 21 intricately designed kites floated in the sky to create a stunning work of visual art.

Last game for the day was ‘pillow fight’. To make the game a little more exciting, this pillow fight was played over a fish pond with bamboos as flooring. 18 participants found themselves testing their balance as the friendly fight erupted over a pool of water. At the end of the day, everyone was soaked but it was worth it because it was so much fun.

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013


On the eve of the big day, we slowed things down a little just to be sure everyone would be refreshed for the main event. On Wednesday, only one game was played and it was the ‘egrang race’ Egrang is a pair of stilts made from bamboo with a foothold for children to actually balance their weight on it. Racing with egrang was not only fun, but it also helped the kids develop a stronger balance. 14 children took part in this race and it was a delight to see them racing about, towering above everyone else. As the race concluded, everyone went home in anticipation of the next day.

Thursday, July 4th, 2013


The big day finally arrived! Events of the day started at 8AM with the ‘lengser’ ceremony. ‘Lengser’ is a traditional Sundanese welcoming ceremony. The eager staff of YUM Cipanas welcomed guests and visitors dressed up in traditional costumes along with traditional music playing in the backdrop. The atmosphere of old Sundanese music created a sense of nostalgia for everyone. Traditional snacks were also given out as door gifts to visitors.

Samsul, YUM’s program manager then took to the stage to officially open the event. A host of activities followed next - Gamelan performance, peacock dance, Badindin dance, Angklung performance, Que Sera Sera vocal performance and a traditional costume fashion show.

As the clock struck noon, the events slowly came to a satisfying close. The last item on the agenda was the prize giving ceremony. Winners of games on the previous days were so excited to receive their prizes. All 300 children and 200 parents who showed up had a wonderful time and they went home that day with a little more tradition in their hearts.


Primus Child Foundation has been invaluable in helping YUM develop these events for under privileged kids. Primus Child Foundation’s continued support has enabled YUM to organize Creativity Days again and again. Stay tuned for more exciting events coming from Primus Child Foundation and YUM.

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