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Getting Out and About for Some Healthy Fun


Active children are more likely to continue as active adults. Sports and physical activity reduces the risk of obesity, increases cardiovascular fitness, improves coordination and balance and helps build social skills. Best of all, getting out and about is fun for the kids.

For the above reasons, health was chosen as the theme for the second installment of YUM’s Creativity Day. A myriad of games related to health, sports and children’s development were organized for the kids. Football, basketball, tooth brushing, washing hands and other games were played followed by dancing and singing competitions. 300 enthusiastic children between the ages of 3 to 17 took part in Creativity Day, making the event a fun and memorable one indeed.

An overall increase in excitement was seen in the kids since the last Creativity Day. This was because this round’s event centered around football. Outside of the traditional boy’s teams, a few female teams also took part in the competition. Those too young to play football participated instead in dancing and singing contests. At the end of the event, win or lose, those kids certainly beamed with delight. That itself made everything worthwhile.

Project Activities

YUM Creativity Day is a series of activities aimed at over 250 children from the ages of 3-16. Starting from March 12, 2013, with the core activities taking place on March 29, 2013, YUM Creativity Day consists of sports games (football, basketball, relay racing, badminton), singing and dancing as well as story telling sessions by Mike Brumby, famed author of “Alistair the Armadillo.”

The 2 weeks long event was deliberately planned to coincide with the school holidays.

No. Date Diary
1 Tuesday, March 12th
Football Competition (Boys & Girls) (Girls) The day began at 8:00 in the morning with the football competition. 12 groups of boys and 2 teams of girls took part with each team consisting of 7 members. Teams were named after animals for easy recognition and also to create a fun and festive mood. (Eg. Tiger, Lion, Elephant)


15 groups of boys and 20 groups of girls participated in the relay race with each group having the privilege of 4 kids as group members.
Race Basketball Tournament 4 teams took part in the basketball tournament with each team comprising of 3 people.
2 Sunday, March 17th
Badminton Competition 11 groups of boys and 9 teams of girls took part in the inaugural Creativity Day Badminton Competition.
Basketball Tournament (Boys Team) 8 teams of boys challenged each other in the Basketball tournament with a compulsory membership of 3 children in each team.
3 Sunday, March 24th
Healthy Walk 103 children took part in the healthy walk. It was a fun filled tour on foot to the villages, paddy fields, river and finally back to YUM village. In the middle of the trip, the kids stopped to enjoy home-packed snacks as well as to enjoy the view. The fun didn’t stop there. Each child was given a lucky draw coupon and the lucky winner was picked upon their return to the village.
Gangnam Style Competition As soon as they got back to the village, the little darlings were invited to dance the Gangnam Style in a friendly competition. The kids were of course more than excited to be horsing around to the world famous tune. We chose the 3 best dancers and prizes for this dance were given out during the main event on March 29th.
4 Wednesday, March 27th
Pre-school Competition

The younger kids weren’t left out. A host of friendly games were specialty designed for them. All in all, 5 games were played which were: aerobics, relay racing, hand washing, tooth brushing and milk making.

A total of 44 pre-school kids took part with the help of their mothers. It was great fun to see mother and child bond to compete with each other in a friendly manner.

5 Friday, March 29th
The main event of YUM Creativity Day

The day started at 8:30AM with the opening speech by YUM Project Coordinator Samsul Ma’arif. Then, the fun began. Traditional and modern dances took to the stage followed by vocal groups, poetry recital and garbage collecting competition. The awards ceremony followed next and lucky winners of the day as well as winners from previous competitions were given their well deserves prizes. Just as it hit lunch time, the day’s events concluded and each child was given snacks as their lunch substitute before going home.

After lunch, 55 lucky children got to stay behind to listen to English author Mike Brumby read his delightful book, “Alistair the Armadillo”. Mike started the session by reading the story from his book before telling an even more fascinating tale of his adventures in actually writing the book. Once that was over, the kids played a game of ‘guess the fruit’ and a few lucky winners went home with a copy of Mike’s book.


YUM Creativity Day is truly a blessing to the children and to the community centre. It is most important for the kids because it gives them a place to share, express, mingle and have fun in a healthy and supportive environment. Great thanks to the volunteers and a special appreciation goes out to PRIMUS Child Foundation for being the exclusive supporter of the YUM Community Library in Cipanas. See you at the next Creativity Day. We can’t wait!

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