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PRIMUS Child Foundation



The FXPRIMUS GROUP Foundation (formerly known as Primus Child Foundation) is dedicated to play an important role within our communities. We realize that income disparity, socio-economic challenges, lack of education and healthcare options that beset certain communities. At FXPRIMUS GROUP Foundation we are looking towards addressing some of these inequalities whilst at the same time expanding the scope of our corporate social responsibility projects to also involve communities that are in need of help. While we will be continuing our work with children, we are also fortunate enough to be able to work with more communities.

As a non-profit, non-governmental corporate foundation, the FXPRIMUS GROUP Foundation is an extension of FXPRIMUS and the values that we stand for. We do however operate as an independent body in planning and executing projects on social well-being. While not a welfare foundation that provides money, endowment funds, or personal aid, our core efforts are focused on providing grant support towards projects that help communities be more holistic.


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